Bansko is an interesting combination of winter and summer tourism.

Vacation In Bansko

Strolling on the streets of Bansko along with the majestic peaks of the Pirin mountain, you will feel the magic of this piece of paradise, a mix of old and new times. Its long history, stone streets and houses with wide walls which you can enter only through high Gates covered with canopies of the old tree. Bansko became the object of great tourist interest.

Authentic music, unique cuisine and aged wine of Bansko are true elixir for the soul. No doubt, you will spend time in traditional taverns and feel the warmth and comfort near the fireplace.

Bansko did not only collected the hotels in incredibly beautiful part of nature, it possesses a unique atmosphere created by its historical, architectural and cultural heritage and the numerous places of entertainment.

Currently, there is constructing three golf fields, their open date is planned for 2012-2013.

There are 23 lifts in the area. 25% of the ski runs are for the beginners, 40% intermediate and 25% for advanced skiers.

Ski runs and other ski facilities are maintained in excellent condition. 90% of the ski runs are in compliance with the International Ski Federation to conduct competitions.

The newest buildings of the Resort is an entertaining park, a place for extreme sports. Construction hoist for biathlon and winter sports stadium began in 2005.

Season 2005/2006 was opened with two new lifts and four skiing tracks.


Bansko is also the starting point of trips to other interesting places such as the city of Melnik, Rožinskij Monastery, Bachkovo Monastery, Velingrad and Sandanski spa, small villages of Lešten and Kavačevica, architecture dating back to the Bulgarian Revival period of 18-th and 19-th century. The other entertainments are offered by Yagodino cave which is a true miracle of nature.

Горнолыжный курорт Банско

Facts of the tourism

Operators of lifts and skiing in Bansko take care of your comfort at our cable car. Gondola Doppelmier with eight points, five 4-seater chairlifts the latest model of Doppelmier, one 3-seaert chairlift Roma, 6 rope tows, and 10 for children. The high-quality existance of fresh white snow on 65 km marked ski tracks and ski roads made possible to correct maintenance for 12 machines of company Kassbohre.

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